Thursday, April 06, 2006

This week in retrospect...

Finally, it's been a week where I've made some headway in the job search. As I've previously posted, I'm definitely moving to the Washington, DC area after I graduate. The TV stations in the area seem very closed, at least until you are established and able to start immediately. I sent out resumes and cover letters to all of the stations in the area, alarming them of my situation and asking them to consider me for future hire. I figured it was a good idea to not necessarily ask for a job, but to establish a repoire with some stations that I might not be so familiar with. Secondly, on Monday I had a phone interview with Archstone-Smith Apartments. The position that I applied for was a full-time groundskeeper. The interview went extremely well, and they told me I was someone they would definitely employ. However, as seems to be the growing trend, my graduation date was too far off for them to offer me anything. The said to contact them in a few weeks to find out what is open at that time. Then, today I fielded a call from George Mason University. I had applied at GMU for a full-time Grounds Crew position. This position is strikingly similiar to the one I hold here at Westminster. The pay is decent, and the job includes benefits, but the best part is that it would enable me to get my Master's Degree for free. I have an interview at their Fairfax, VA campus on Tuesday. GMU offers two solid graduate programs; Professional Writing and Editing, as well as Video-Based Production. Both would serve me well, and I feel that I have been sufficiently prepared for both. I'll have more news next week as to what was contained in the interview. All for now...



Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

I'm overwhelmed about the excellent job you're doing positioning, planning and putting together a strategy. You're not waiting for things to happen-- you're putting things into play so they WILL happen.

I hope others read your entry and get ideas.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Mike Wolenski said...

Wow I'm proud to hear you're using my package in your capstone presentation -- but did I read that part about grad school right??? -- seriously though goodluck with the job search

6:27 PM  

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