Thursday, March 09, 2006

What I did this week in broadcasting...

I've been rather defunct when it comes to posting on, so I figure I will try and recapitulate my previous two weeks in a single post. Two weeks ago I shot/edited a package with Steve Brink, previewing the softball team. It felt good to get going with the shooting/editing again, as it seems like this may be something I'll be doing in the near future. I've been speaking with some people at WJLA about the idea of being a "Community Reporter." CR's basically one-man-band everything. They shoot, edit and serve as the talent. It is on-air, but it is on-air in a lower-level, entry type capacity. I certainly think this is something I'm qualified for and really look forward to learning more about the position. I wrote my newspaper column previewing the Pittsburgh Pirates. So far this spring the Pirates have been outstanding, garnering six wins in their first seven games. Furthermore, I've continued my job search. This past Monday I interviewed at CRC Advertising, a sports marketing/advertising firm in Washington, DC. The interview went well, but it was awfully short. They asked me to come in for a second interview on March 20 and 21st. It's a little outside of television, but it is still in the sports arena, so I'm happy. I've continued my addiction to I've applied for seven positions (sports) in the past two weeks. I haven't heard anything from possible employers other than a few confirmation letter, letting me know that they got my stuff. The big part of this semester has obviously been the job search. It seems like I don't have as much to put down here as I did last semester, but I know that's because most of my work is done with applications, cover letter, networking and sending out my resume. Hopefully something hits soon! All for now...



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This "CR" idea seems really intersting. Sounds like another way to explore that one-man band (VJ) thing. It keeps showing up in bigger markets in one form or another. But this is the first time I've heard it framed as community reporter. How do they compensate for that-- it sounds like a freelance gig.

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