Thursday, March 23, 2006

Plans for Presentation

One of the things remaining for this semester is a presentation to BC-312. I would like to show my resume tape, both to get feedback and share what I've learned from the professional aspect of making a resume tape. I have another class during this time period, but hopefully I would be able to get out of it to show my tape. I am very proud of my tape. It will always be updated, but I really like the montage at the beginning. As is tradition, there is about a 35 second montage at the beginning, including 5 different clips of standups that I've done. I will play the tape for the class, then field questions that they may have. I have been through a lot with my job search, and have applied for variety of different jobs. I have not landed a job, but I still believe I have a pretty good amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to the search. I've done a ton this semester as far as figuring out what I want to do my life, and I never relized how important this final semester is. I haven't be able to do as much day-to-day stuff as I would have liked, but a lot of my time has been spent searching for the jobs on the computer. All for now...



Blogger Heather Storm said...

You are definitely doing the right thing! Keep plugging away and something is going to hit. You're on the verge!!!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Let's pic a day for you to visit BC 312.

6:50 AM  

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