Monday, February 27, 2006

What I did this week in broadcasting...

This week is actually pertaining to last week. Last week, I announced two Titan basketball games. The PAC Tournament started on Tuesday, as the Titans knocked off #6 seed, Thomas More. They advanced to the 2nd round and fell to Waynesburg. These two were my final broadcasts of my Westminster career. I will really miss broadcasting here, but hopefully I'm able to continue it in the future. I wrote my Holcad column this week on the Olympics. My point was that the Olympics do not attract the television ratings that they once did. My reasoning is that the abundance of professional sports in our country has made the Olympics obsolete. If you click on the link,, and scroll down (or type in) page 7, you can view the article. I also started applying for more jobs. I applied to for two sports reporter positions in the outlying areas of Washington, DC. These are print journalism positions, but I still want to maintain my writing. I applied at WJLA, the station where I interned, for a producer position. I haven't heard anything back, but hopefully soon. It seems that quite a bit of this semester, and Capstone for that matter has been devoted to applying for jobs. That has been my focus, first and foremost. Also, utitlize the site I know I posted this last week, but just to clarify, it is a free webpage and a very useful resource. I have found many positions, from all over the country, just in these past two weeks using All for now...



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I need to show you how to get into the template coding on blogger so you can change your links and add specific ones to the HOLCAD PDF files.

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